Happy Clients

It’s taken me a really long time to put this into words,

About 5 or 6 months ago I began this journey of “minimalism” inspired by a queen who is constantly adjusting my crown Suzanne K. J. Kipps

Minimalism to me at first is decluttering, unbusying, spending less time cleaning the chaos and more time with the people I love. Which was long overdue for me.

So I started by combing through my life’s material items, deciding piece by piece what each thing meant to me and if it had a purpose. Even during this part of the process I didn’t realize the way this lifestyle would shift my entire way of thinking forever.

Directly following this purge I traveled with my family over Christmas. The reason for this trip being not to consume ourselves with the materialism that Christmas brings, having to buy gifts for our cousin and uncle and godson and brother and sister and the list goes on and on and on. It was literally the best Christmas this family has ever had, my girls got 1 bag of gifts for each of them, all things I knew they would love and use a million times. This trip was different in that we didn’t spend our entire vacation spending money in the mall, but enjoying each other. If you know my husband you know he’s busy and doesn’t have a lot of spare time. He is a natural born minimalist so this lifestyle has come very easily for him.

Following my return home I did another purge having more focus from the trip. I was able to remove a bit more of things I was holding onto ‘just in case’ (it was mainly clothes at this point)

I think I’ve finally reached the point in this process that I can be proud of where I have gotten myself. I literally clean once a week (if that) we wear everything in our closets, the kids play with everything in their room. I think and rethink every purchase I make, and above all of that, I give my family all the time I can spare which is a lot more these days.

I am not done with this journey and although I am a private person, I will try and share a bit of this so that I can inspire the next mom or just person who feels overwhelmed and consumed with life.

Today I asked myself, who am I? What am I good at? I think I’ve spent a lot of my adult life just surviving, those that know me know my struggles. Through minimalism I am finding time for me and I am embracing this change.

All the thanks and praise goes to my girl Sue Khan, she tells me I’m at the heart of minimalism. It’s only just the beginning.

Thank you girl, a million times.

Next up; minimalism health coaching here we go.
— Alex, 29