IVORY package


The Ivory Package is a self service package of useful downloads to be used at your leisure. They will assist you in getting organized for the arrival of your baby.

You will receive:

  • A pregnancy timeline of to do lists (organized without being overwhelming) to ensure you remain proactive with your baby planning
  • Check lists and shopping lists for baby necessities and hospital bags
  • Birth Plan Template
  • Questions for potential pediatricians and caregivers
  • How to determine if a doula is right for you?
  • Resources for preparing for motherhood
  • Quick, easy, healthy eating recipes and tips for pregnancy and the whole family
  • Basic Nutrition information
  • Baby space template to assist with designing your baby space

To sign up for the Ivory Package of for more information, fill out the form here.

BLACK package

The Black Package  has all the content from the Ivory package plus access to a Maternity Concierge who will partner with you during your baby preparation. We will work together to:

  • Purchase all the necessities for your baby
  • Design your nursery
  • Plan your baby shower 
  • Set up your baby registry
  • Write your Birth Plan
  • Choose your birth team (OB, Doula, Birth Photographer etc.)
  • Select a paediatrician 
  • Pack your hospital bag
  • and any other needs pertaining to baby preparation!

To sign up for the Black Package or for more information, fill out the form here.

GOLD package


The GOLD Package gives you full access to a Maternity Concierge who will handle all aspects of your pregnancy for you. The GOLD package is a premium package for mothers who want to spend more time doing what they most value while pregnant and utilizing a Maternity Concierge to do the rest. The package is fully customizable to suit your needs.

Would you like to have meals arranged for you and your family? How about a Baby Moon but need someone else to handle the planning?  Need the nursery stocked with products of your choice? Would it be easier if someone else did the baby shopping and hospital bag packing for you and you just had to show up?

If you answered yes to any of the above the GOLD package may be suited for you:

  • The busy stay at home mom who can use an extra hand during pregnancy
  • The working mom who wants to focus on and continuing working as long as suitable during pregnancy
  • The bedridden mom who needs additional hands so that she can be well rested, safe and healthyfor labor and delivery
  • We are happy to take care of your partner while you travel, or help you ensure that she is well taken care after delivery when you are back to work!
  • Contact us today for a FREE consultation and receive more information to see how best we can support you!