Speaking Engagement

Whether you are looking for private intimate motivational discussions or larger scaled speaking engagements, Suzanne enjoys them all. She is known to inspire women of all ages, especially mothers, to design + live life on their terms. She lives by the motto: Live life on purpose.

Her career from start-up to entrepreneur + consultant is intwined with many real-life, relatable moments that we often find ourselves in. Through her journey, Suzanne provides inspiration, practical tips + motivation to take charge of your own life.

Favorite Topics

  • Avoiding Burnout in the Corporate World

  • The New Work/Life Balance = Work/Life Integration

  • Living Life On Purpose

  • Motherhood, Minimalism, Manifestation

  • Motivating Our Future: Motivational Speaking for Young Audiences

  • Entrepreneurship


Brand Partnership

Are you looking for someone that fits the values of your company?

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