Mamas: 5 Actions I Took Before Launching My First Business

As a parent, your path to starting your own business may look a little different. Here’s how I got started to make sure the people I love (and am responsible fore) had a smooth transition into my journey of entrepreneurship:

  1. Downsize/Minimise. You ever try and start something new and realise you have no time to get started? Or by the time you try and get started you have zero motivation? What happens between the idea and the action? As a parent its usually some combination of homework, making lunches, cleaning, washing dishes, making beds, doing laundry, cooking dinner - the list goes on. Minimalism isn’t just about owning less. Its about downsizing and gaining more. Its also about setting boundaries to control what tries to creep in. This one was huge for me! I personally didn’t really know what I was passionate about, I felt overwhelmed, I felt anxious and I was ready to put an end to that and start designing a life that I was thrilled about! I got rid of a bunch of unnecessary items. You don’t have to go as far as I did, but just try getting rid of on unnecessary item: clothing, dishes, books, furniture. Anything that adds to your workload because you just have too much of it, or the sight of it makes you feel overwhelmed. Make sure downsizing doens’t come from a place of lack or deprivation though and instead comes from a place of control and contentment. Think of it as taking control of stuff, chores, tasks and to do lists, not getting rid of things because I cant afford to maintain them. Doing anything from lack creates more lack, so think abundance of time, space and resources when downsizing! And if you aren’t sure what you are passionate about or what you value, minimalism will surely help to connect you with that. You will start to develop rules for what you are willing to throw away and boundaries for what you allow into your space. When you do have to consume you’ll have to think about what and who is worth your time and resources. Thats how passions and values show up.

  2. Do some research on Universal Intelligence. This “force” or ”Source” is often referred to Source/Universe/Universal Intelligence/God whatever you choose to believe in. I personally believe these terms are all one in the same. For me, its the belief in something greater that matters. Knowing that the Universe is there to provide. Knowing that there is a force at hand that is conspiring to give us everything we need. To support you to work with you. I believe so much in energy I literally make decisions on the vibe a given situation, opportunity, invitation emits. Energy is the currency you want to begin trading in because everything is energy. Its science. Everything has a vibration (think about how you feel when you are happy vs angry…vibes). After you downsize you are going to become a lot more conscious about how you spend your newfound time. Making sure the energy is right, you feel aligned and there isn’t a sense of drain is important. Knowing that his energy comes from something bigger than yourself will help you stay focused as you encounter challenges along the way. It will help you to build your intuition when it comes to life and business decisions and you will be able to use the energy to work in your favour. Yeah, we are talking Universal Law and Law of Attraction here. Its real. Its big. It worth using to your advantage.

  3. Work on your wealth consciousness. This is huge. So many of us have or have had a screwed up relationship with money. We want it. We want a lot of it. But we are afraid to talk about it or say it. We ignore it, but we want it to show up when we need it. Its such a loaded conversation. If you’re lucky you won't have grown up with any twisted thoughts around money. Even luckier if society hasn’t messed with that thought process too. But if you sit with yourself and look around and wish you had more (and especially if you feel guilty saying you want more) it probably makes sense to spend some time thinking about how you think of money. Money is energy. Energy is our currency. You want to have a good relationship with both if you want to succeed. (In case you’re looking: You Are A Badass at Making Money is a good resource to get started!) I personally spent a significant amount of time on building and continuing to build my wealth consciousness, how I think of money, how I use money etc. Its all energy and I believe it all comes from Source. You can be an energetic match for the money you desire but you have to get clear on your subconscious thoughts around it, clear them up and then use it to your advantage. I believe all things come from the Universe, including money and your job, opportunities and people are just conduits to you receiving that which you desire. Money included. Do yourself the favour and ask yourself what do you think about money and what is blocking you from receiving money in the amounts you desire but more importantly the FEELS your desire. You can be making a lot of money, but if you feel controlled or stressed by it, is that really alignment?

  4. Invest In Yourself. Another big one. I wanted to send a signal to the Universe/God whatever you choose to call her that I was serious about making a change. That I was ready for this big leap and I was willing to tap into the minds of those I look up to and have the experience to assist me in order to avoid common mistakes and to speed up my trajectory. Don’t get me wrong I know everything requires patience but if I can use the knowledge of those who have been there done that, then I can save myself a whole lot of pain or silly mistakes. I still made them, but I was far more prepared when they happened. I personally have invested in courses, certifications, hiring business coaches, mentors, manifestation coaches, website software, laptop, masterminds. The list goes on. Each course I take, gets me closer and in better alignment with my dreams and desires. We can do a lot on our own, but tapping into the mind of someone who is living life the way you want to, succeeding in ways similar, who has advice and experience can save you a lot of mistakes and accelerate your path. You can start by following inspiration on instagram, reading books, researching suitable coaches and courses and when you are ready, commit + sign up. Invest in YOU. I’m willing to bet on myself. What signals are you sending that you are ready for change?

  5. Plan. I’m not necessarily talking a detailed business plan here. I’m talking: what do you want? where do you want to be? how do you want to feel? THEN how do you plan to get there? You don’t have to figure it all out, but thinking about your passions/values, your talents and abilities, the amount of money you require to live the life you desire and what that life looks like, and then investing in getting there will help you to devise a plan for you to take action. Taking action is important. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work alone. You must take action, every single day. I know as a parent, time is limited because you want to give quality time to your family. Thats why it is important to take action, however small, every single day. Consistently. Because at some point you will look back on all that you have created and be grateful you started and didn’t give up. Use that plan to take action and get started. TODAY.

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