I'm Back!

Hi Mamas!

Welcome back to SARRAK! If you have been keeping up with me for a while you’ll remember SARRAK was first launched as a Maternity Concierge Service, designed to help new moms prepare for baby, maternity leave and reintegrate into the workplace. We were also the home of the first Trimester specific, eco friendly, non-toxic subscription service in Bermuda. The demand for the products, plus my own interest in Minimalism, plant based, non toxic products (combined with my inability to find the products on island to match my new values from my Minimalist journey) continued to evolve into what is now, Naked Zero. Naked Zero is my baby! So much good vibes, quality products, and amazing community!

While the Maternity Concierge service no longer exists, it was an amazing learning opportunity that gave glimpses to what something I feel passionate about. I learned a lot launching the Maternity Concierge Service: do more market research, self-promotion can be uncomfortable, being innovative always intrigues and raises interest, but what I learned the most was about myself.

First + foremost, I am a creator. I love to get creative with business, business solutions, concepts + ideas. Secondly, I truly have a passion for supporting mothers. So many of us, once we become mothers, retreat to this place of security. Let me explain. Before you become a mother, you don’t have to think about how your actions, consequences, decisions, choices effect anyone but you. What you spend, what you eat, where you go, how you get there is entirely up to you. Your safety is just that yours. Your future, yours. Your present…yours. But when you become a mother, your whole world changes. Instantly. Now there is this helpless being relying on you for literally, everything. And you begin to obsess about how you will save, provide for, protect, educate this being. Its normal. But what also happens is we begin to live solely for that person. And while it appears to be a noble feat, we ourselves sometimes become small as a result. We live a little smaller. We take less risks. We choose safety over fun. We start adopting the rules of society more than we typically would.

No vacations, save for private school. Stay at the job I hate because there are bill to pay. Don’t move to another country because the kids have their friends here. Don’t take the risk because if we fail what happens to the family. Save for the future. You’ll have freedom when you retire. Find a “responsible”, “respectable” job which in Bermuda typically means working for someone else in the private sector in re/insurance/accounting/law etc. This is what being an adult is about. Routine. Little freedom. Paying bills.

While all these things sound like the responsible thing to do, and they are to some extent, I believe as a result we actually start shrinking and dimming who we truly are. Do we ever stop to think what that then tells our kids? We all know that our little people imitate what they see from us: You can be whoever you want to be when you grow up! [But I have to stick out this 9-5 office job I hate because its paying the bills]. Don’t follow the crowd be a leader! [Everyone will think I’m NUTS if I quit my job!] Eat healthy, it’s helping you grow! [Mommy needs coffee, wine, a bag of chips an a bar of chocolate just to get through the hellish week I’ve had!] Are we becoming society?

I’m well aware that there are many Moms who are loving what they do every single day! Well, I want to help everyone get there! Its easy to hear business coaches and motivational speakers talk to 20 something who have no responsibilities. But how do you take that same advice + motivation and apply it to a working mom of three? That’s where I get excited!

Just because we have children, families, responsibilities doesn’t mean we can’t live life on our terms. It just takes more careful planning + lots of unconditional, unwavering support. I say this time and time again, our desires are put in our hearts for a reason. Our subconscious thoughts about what we can be/do/have are the only barrier to entry into a life on purpose. We get to redefine what a career/working mom looks like. We get to decide what is for us. We get to decide how we show up. As a mother, we still get to have it all.

What if the belief that we must sacrifice our desires for our children to have limitless desires of their own actually prohibits them from believing in their full potential. Because instead they see + feel sacrifice + scarcity instead of the true abundance you are trying to give to them?

Actions truly speak louder than words. And if we become fully responsible for our own happiness. The vibrations created as a result will only attract more abundance + your children will respond to that vibration.

You don’t have to quit your job. Or start your own business. Or move across the country to show up for yourself. What you do have to do, is pause + reflect + truly take time to take stock on your life? Evaluate if your current [perceived] reality is a reflective of what you truly desire + if it isn’t what is your true desires. With no limits or boundaries, what would you be doing with your life! What vibration does that afford you! How often do you tap into that? How often do you children see that? How often are you showing up for YOU!

I am so passionate about helping mothers get to the place where even if their reality is not fully reflective of all their desires, that they are on the path. That they have at least explored it. It could be a new hobby, a new lifestyle, a promotion, a career change, a vacation anything!

We are not here to struggle or live in lack.

All we have to do is get in alignment!

If you are interested in working with me, or would like support or assistance in designing your life on your terms + living on purpose. Feel free to sign up for a free discovery call here: https://suzannekhan.as.me/