New Moon Manifestations

Lately I've felt a strong connection to who I am, my passions, my values and what is important to me. I found that by ridding myself of physical and mental clutter I've been able to get really clear about what it is I value and what it is I want to promote in my life. I have always been aware of the effects food and exercise have on the body and mind, as well as how our lifestyle choices affect the environment, but until now I wasn't really connected to it. 

Now, I've found my connection.

Minimalism was the catalyst, but intentionalism is the true reason behind the continuation, maintenance and ultimately the connection.

After paring back my belongings, decluttering my mental space and rigorously editing my energy field of toxic environments and people, I've been able reset the calm and organization in my life. Now everything I do, every decision I make, everything I consume is intentional. Editing your life and your belongings takes work, and Iwant to avoid becoming just a ruthless, habitual declutterer - because the true benefits are reaped in the maintenance of this calm clarity.

In order to avoid cluttering both my physical space and mind, I pay close attention to consumption - of everything. This is where "intentionalism" comes into place and where living my passions manifests.

Clothing - Do I need this item? Do I have something similar? Was it produced ethically? How will it impact the environment?

Will this food give me the energy necessary to get through the work day and three kids? Is it "healthy"? Does it contain chemicals? Is it organic? Does it need to be?  

Every decision is deliberate and serves a common goal: conscious living for myself and the environment, a form of self care. Another unintended, but positive consequence of this journey has been a focus on self care. Being deliberate and intentional means that every moment and every decision is fueled by self care and maintenance. Why else would we be doing this?

Freedom. I feel so connected to who I am and the decisions I make, I've stopped being concerned with who I want to become, and started living out WHO I AM. TODAY. I have never felt more content with this. That must be freedom.

And then, I realized I was a few days away from the new moon. Was this some sort of coincidence? I started to research and found a wealth of information about the female body and the cycles of the moon

I learned the new moon is a chance to set clear goals and intentions. It is a time for you to check in with yourself and the energy in your life. You can use the time leading up to the new moon to really get clear on what you want to achieve, what your heart has been longing for, and a chance to use the universe to help you. It doesn't mean it takes no effort from you but you can use the universe and your connection to it to achieve. 

Get clear on your intentions - the universe is most efficient when we are. 

Tonight, find some quiet time and write a maximum of 10 intentions for this new cycle. Work diligently over the course of the cycle (roughly 29 days) with the phases of the moon to manifest that which is important to you. Just like the universe, we are intricate beings and there is no wonder we are connected. Use this connection to serve you!

Happy New Moon (if that's a thing)!