Mama Body Tea - Australia - Interview

So, I love teas! They are so comforting and let's face it, sometimes we, Moms, Women, Humans need comfort. I caught up with Jess of Mama Body Tea and her team and asked a few quick questions about the organic, natural teas, their brand and more. 

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The name Mama Body Tea, is bold and direct. How would you describe Mama Body Tea and how does that translate to the teas offered?  

Our strong branding represents a high quality, specialized organic herbal tea company for the modern day mama.

 What inspired you to create MBT? Were you always tea drinkers?

MBT was inspired through a personal experience of Jess Spencer, Founder of Mama Body Tea. She was a new mother of a 6 month old who was very windy and colicy.  Jess wanted to relieve her daughter’s discomfort naturally so she turned to organic herbs.  Jess worked along side her herbalist to formulate a safe and effective blend to give to her baby Ruby and the results seriously spoke for themselves.  This is when Jess knew she wanted to share her amazing blend with other new mums experiencing similar symptoms with their babies.

And yes Jess had always enjoyed herbal tea, however its now taken to another level after realising the many, many health benefits.

How effective are your teas in alleviating effects of colic in breastfed babies and increasing milk production?

Very effective!  That's exactly why our Mama’s Milk and Baby Bliss are so popular. The benefits really speak for them selves and we absolutely love hearing the stories from our MBT community about their personal experiences with our blends!  

Your raspberry leaf tea helps prepare the uterus for labor. Describe its benefits and how the tea works to support mama's preparing for labor.

Our Raspberry Leaf herbal tea blend is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc which contributes to normal reproduction and fertility such as preparing your uterus for birth and post birth recovery. For centuries, woman have drunk this to shorten labour duration, minimise blood loss post birth, minimise cramping, help bring a rich source of breast milk and the list goes on.  

Woman swear by this natural herb… Drink 3 cups of our Raspberry Leaf Blend daily to get the most out of this amazing herb.

What advice do you have for expectant mothers as they prepare for labor and delivery?

Take time to tune in to your body, physically and mentally! 

Go for walks, 

Listen to your favourite music that you will possibly play whilst in labour, 

Talk to your baby, 

Drink raspberry leaf tea daily,

Mentally prepare for how YOU would like to deliver you baby! 

Most of all, Trust in the birthing process and Trust your body is fully capable to birth your baby!  Contraction are just your muscles working hard to bring your baby into your arms.

Always remember - You’ve got this mama!!

Love Jess x


If you are interested in ordering any of the MBT organic teas, check out the web shop here and send us an email in the product inquiry page here.

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