5 Ways To Stay Clutter Free At Work

 Do you find yourself dragging your feet to come to work? Are you overwhelmed at the sight of your desk? Do you feel anxious as you sit at your work space?

A clear mind and work space is essential to productivity and creativity. Because we spend much of our waking hours at our work space, we should ensure that the space promotes productivity and sparks empowerment.  

Below are 5 Ways to Stay Clutter Free to Keep You Motivated in your Work Space:

  1. Set aside some time to clear your workspace. Return unused stationary, pens, pencils and other office tools to the supply room (or its equivalent). File/shred loose paperwork. Going forward THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT.

  2. Clear emails daily. Set some time in your schedule to read emails, and mark unnecessary emails as "Read". Aim to leave your workspace at the end of each day with a clear inbox. Unsubscribe from emails that do not require action (shopping discounts etc.). Create a folder to file away interesting or useful reads for when you have more time if you are unable to do so at that moment but aim to clear that folder weekly.

  3. Save and close browsers, spreadsheets, word documents as you complete a task. Ensure all are closed before logging off each day. It will generate a sense of accomplishment and motivation for the next day.

  4. Tidy work space before leaving each day. Return coffee mugs to the sink, close notebooks, clear trash, return pens and pencils to their designated locations. If you do not have one, create one. Ensuring items have their own locations are key in minimalism. Doing this will ensure that you start each day with a fresh clean working space.

  5. Begin each work day with a task list. Take a few minutes at the start of each day to write down what tasks are at hand for the day and take pleasure in crossing off items as you complete them. I don't know about you but crossing off or checking the box when a task is completed makes me feel so accomplished!

Here's to a productive and clutter free work week and mind!

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