We Have Exciting News!

If you're reading this, thank you for your interest in SARRA K!

You are also probably wondering exactly what SARRA K is all about. I've been busy getting things together and now I'm finally ready to start sharing what I've been up to!

For our first launch, I'd like to proudly introduce to you:


A Premium Maternity Concierge Service

At SARRA K, we offer three packages: The Ivory, Black and Gold Package designed to help mothers reduce the stresses of baby and birth planning so they can enjoy their pregnancy, focus on work (in or out of the home) and mentally prepare for the journey of motherhood and their new family.


The Ivory Package

The Ivory Package is a series of downloads and checklists available to download as needed.

The Black Package

The Black Package is designed as a six part virtual course designed to ensure expectant mothers feel fully prepared and confident for the arrival of their baby. The Black Package gives you access to a Maternity Concierge, retained for 6 weeks at a time, who will assist and support you through the pregnancy and planning journey.

The Gold Package

The Gold Package, is the ultimate Luxury Package, perfect for the busy millennial mother (or mother to be) who wants to focus on work and family and outsource the rest, a busy stay at home mom who needs an extra set of hands, a travelling father who wants to ensure his pregnant partner is tended to, or the bedridden mother that needs assistance. This package is fully customizable to suit you and your family's needs. In the Gold Package, a Maternity Concierge is essentially assigned as your Virtual (and if local physical) PA, because we get it moms and expectant moms are busy and you deserve to spend your time exactly how you want!

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