Formally Introducing: SARRA K

We've been busy and are super excited as we prepare for a series of launches!

I wanted to first share a little history behind the start of SARRA K.

When I found out I was pregnant with Riley (my soon to be six year old), I felt an overwhelming responsibility to give her the best start possible (as do all moms). I started eating really healthy., ding yoga and taking better care of my body and mind more than ever before.

I enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy and truly believe I had the pregnancy and labor I did as a result of this new lifestyle and mindset. To support this lifestyle, I did a ton of research and over time became the go to person for friends interested in incorporating a natural, organic, clean lifestyle for their families.

What started with organic eating turned into vegetarianism; then realizing what was happening to environment turned into generating less waste; which also supported my recent discovery of minimalism.

I enjoy every bit of learning new things about how to better take care of myself and my family, researching baby products and gear, planning baby showers and events and was always encouraged to share that with others.

I've finally listened and have taken all those interests and passions and turned them into:


 Maternity Concierge and Minimalist Services for Mothers.

Maternity Concierge and Minimalist Services for Mothers.