I Needed Some Time To Be Still

The last few years have been exciting! We've been very busy!

1 Masters Degree, 1 New Certification, 1 New Baby, 1 House Move, 1 New House

10 years together, 2 pregnancies, 10 years being a step-parent, 6 years being responsible for my own little human, 1 year of having two kids full time and 3 every weekend, 14 months breastfeeding, 7 months of pumping at work, 7 years working at an investment manager and 1 dream that has lingered through all of this.

That's a lot of numbers, and there is no denying that yours are very similar. When I actually found the time to reflect on the busy few years I realized I desperately needed some time to be still. Some me time.

Years ago I would've felt selfish for wanting "me time". I would feel painfully guilty for wanting to get away. And so I wouldn't. Or if I did it was for a couple quick hours at the spa and then back to resuming our hectic busy schedule. I felt like leaving the kids, or my family was abandoning them. I would only travel without them for work, micro manage from afar and then return feeling more exhausted then when I left.

I needed to be still.

So I did it. I made it happen. I listened to my soul. It told me to get up and take the break, do something for yourself. Don't feel guilty about it. Come back renewed and refreshed.

72 Hours in NYC is all I needed.  I wish I had more photos, but I spent the time really reconnecting with myself and spending some time catching up with old college friends.

 I'm so thankful to my soul and so proud of myself for following through. I spent time exploring , meeting up with college friends, reading and spending time alone.

We shouldn't be ashamed to take "me time". Well needed quiet time gives us space to reconnect with ourselves. This time I didn't overthink it. I left the kid's with Dad. He is my partner for a reason. I used the time to rest and reconnect because I truly believe a rested me, is a better me (lol)!

I thoroughly enjoyed my getaway and I don't feel guilty about it and you shouldn't!

It's time Mama! Do what the soul needs to survive! You'll thank yourself for it!