Why I Started the Minimalist Journey: Part 1.

So the journey starts, or has started. What got me here? It was a combination of things:

  • Looking in my overstuffed closet and still feeling like I had NOTHING to wear

  • Feeling OVERWHELMED by the mounts of laundry, washing, folding, packing away, hanging

  • My daughter not wanting be “dressed up” – You see I love to dress up my daughters completed with matching head bands and the cutest shoes

  • Moving to a new house

  • Wanting to save money and realizing most of my spare cash went on buying clothes for myself and the kids that we never wore before the season changed

  • Overall wanting to SPEND less and DO more

So then it started, quite dramatically (which is typical of me):

  • I PURGED. I got rid of dresser drawers and kept only things that would hang in my closet. I tried on EVERYTHING (with lip stick and earrings, because that matters!). If it didn’t make me feel good wearing it, I got rid of it. I kept ONLY what felt good, and looked good on me.

  • I SOLD MY CAR. I was driving around in a Mercedes Benz with THREE KIDS, one of which is still in diapers. ENOUGH SAID.

What do things look like today?

  • I have only the clothes that I feel best in, which means mixing and matching and wearing the same things, but I feel great and I feel confident in them (and really nobody knows that I’m wearing the same things over and over). Invest in high quality gear that will weather the seasons. Unlike me, who was purchasing clothing every single season! Fast fashion sucks! (more about that later)

  • In the kitchen, we only have enough dishes to serve our family. When we have others over its a stretch but we make it work. We no long plan for what ifs and more so for what is.

  • We sold our car for a car more suitable for busy kids and a busy family. We also pocketed money from the sale and used that for a vacation (in which I traveled with ONE suitcase for FOUR people! More on that later as well!)

  • We buy multi functional kids equipment (a chair that grows with them, car seats that turn into strollers etc.)

  • We meal plan. Well, I meal plan. I write down all our meals for the week and buy ONLY what is needed. No more mindlessly buying pasta when there is already a package at home that I couldn’t be bothered to check my pantry for.

There are so many more ways owning less to do more has manifested itself in my day to day life. I am already constantly reaping the benefits. One of which is having the time to write the blog post before the kids wake up knowing that it wont throw off our morning schedule.

Its all about intentional purchasing and mindful living. There is so much more to say, but I hear Riley and Reese playing and its about 7am, which means time to make them breakfast and get dressed for school! Such a difference in what my mornings used to be like!

Stay tuned.