Live Intentionally

I read a quote that really hit home for me. It summed up the minimalist movement perfectly. It embodies exactly how I interpret the lifestyle and how I want to promote it in my own life.

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.”

Yes, yes and YES! It first starts with identifying exactly what we most value. For me, it is time well spent with family, friends and loved ones. I enjoy opening my home to friends and family, enjoying their presence and spending quality time. There are passions that are unearthing themselves through this journey that I too value. I want to continue to explore those things, promote them and build upon them. I want all of these things to be intentional and genuine…not half-hearted.

This led me to discover what distracts me from the above. Embarrassed to admit, [drumroll] it is my iPhone. I know I'm not alone in this. I didn’t realize just how much time I was spending on my phone. Taking away time from loved ones, from genuine interactions… essentially multi-tasking with everything because most my daily activities were carried out with my phone in hand.

Its quite shocking how the Instagram scrolls, Facebook article reads, picture snapping, posting, liking, commenting, Whatsapping, calling, texting, googling adds up! Not only does it add up, it gets EXHAUSTING!  It’s not fair to those around me and  neither is it fair to myself to be so consumed by the phone.

But I’m happy that I have discovered what the distraction is. I now commit to removal of the distraction. To be mindful of the time spent on the phone. To go back to SINGLE-TASKING. The remedy: limit my phone usage to a check in the morning, over my lunch break, before I leave for work and after the kids are in bed. And I do mean a CHECK not mindless minutes (turned hours) of scrolling, reading liking. Wish me luck!