Digital Detox: Why multi-tasking isn’t necessarily a good thing

Every now and then I take some time away from the social media and smart phone obsession we all have. Ask my friends? I go missing on WhatsApp for days at a time. While it might be annoying and inconvenient to them, it does so much for my mental health. Without the phone permanently attached to my hand through most of my day, I’m able to give undivided attention to each and every task.

I’m obsessed with my phone, I’m not going to pretend. It is never ever very far from me. I have it in my hand or on my person through most the day. So I’m constantly multi-tasking. All day, with every thing. Checking Instagram, updating Facebook, answering WhatsApp messages, taking pictures, googling, adding and editing my calendar, sending and reading emails all while trying to do normal daily tasks eat, sleep, play (dare I say drive?!)

I hate that I cant live without it, so I have to detox. Often. Usually pretty dramatically. I’ll just go missing. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks. I just have to prove to myself that I can live without it. Re-claim some of the stolen moments. But then I always go back to the same habits. Bottom line: Multi-tasking.

The ultimate goal of minimalism, in my opinion, is to re-gain your life through what is most important to you and not let “stuff”, material possessions, clutter both physical and mental to get in the way of mindful enjoyable moments. Life.

Its been a week or so since I’ve deleted WhatsApp and Instagram and already I’m reaping the benefits. Friends and family are forced to call and have meaningful conversation to which I give my undivided attention. I play with my kids without a phone in my hand, bath time, dinner time, bedtime, cuddles all uninterrupted and undivided attention.

I feel so much lighter, more productive, more in tune with myself and my family without the constant contact and obsession with information absorption.

Lighter. Yes!