My 5 Favorite Tools for Raising Strong Girls

"Teach your daughter to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings." -Unknown

I was a shy child, well mannered, soft spoken. I knew right from wrong and acted accordingly, I got along with most kids, I excelled in school: I was pretty well rounded. I thought that was enough. I thought that doing well, consistently delivering and giving best effort, being well-rounded would always get me to the levels I aspired to reach. Effort would equal reward. Isn't that what you are taught? Do good and good things will happen? Work hard and the reward will come? Sure, those are all true, but the strength, confidence and comfortability to be assertive in order to fearlessly smash goals set for yourself is equally, if not more important.

One day it hit me, here I am raising three girls, working a full time job. I have an amazing family, a supportive husband, hobbies and interests. Rather than answer every "how are you?" with "Tired!", it was time to use all of these forces as my motivation. Keeping everything in balance is an art, that takes time, skill, dedication, grit and grace. It requires us to show up and show out every single day. To know our worth, and then add tax on it. Its time to be confident, secure, assertive and in control. II have three little girls looking up to me, looking for a role model. I want to inspire and show my girls that they can define what "having it all" looks like to them, and design a life to support just that.

It's absolutely okay, and within our right to demand what we want, and take what is ours. I went from "I don't want to step on anybody's toes", to "what can I get away with".

That transition did not come easy, and there are so many contradictory and opposing forces that will very quickly try to push you back into a box. That's why it is important to start early. In honor of International Day Of the Girl, here are my favorite items for raising tough, assertive, confident young ladies. I just want to raise strong girls!

1. Letter Boards - Letter Boards are a great tool for setting positive affirmations together. It is also a no waste option that allows you to change the message time and time again. I have one Letter Board in each bedroom for my girls. We set an affirmation on the weekend for the week ahead and together put it on the board. Riley's current affirmation, "I will do my very best!" has been hanging around for a few weeks as a reminder that despite how tired she may be feeling it is her job to do her very best at all times. Letter Boards are a motivational, positive reminder to set the tone at the start of the day or to close after a long one! Added bonus: they are a no waste option as they are reusable and multipurpose!

2. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - What do they say? Well behaved women rarely make history. Learn about a girl a night who defied odds, rose above, remained confident assertive, followed and reached her dreams and made the world a better place for it! A perfect bed time story!

3. Not All Girls Wear Pink - This is one of our favorites! I have a rowdy bunch of football kicking, dirt digging, slime making, lip gloss poppin' girls! Coming from a mom who loves to put her girls in dresses and ribbons, acknowledging that they can be their own person, especially when it doesn't conform to society's idea of gender and femininity. Not All Girls Wear Pink is a great read for embracing those not so gender specific roles we sometimes unintentionally put on our little people! 

4. Jen Sincero - How To Sop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life - Long title, but not enough words to describe how much of an influence this book as been in my life this year. To raise strong girls, we must first be strong women. We must let go of our doubts so as to not limit the growth of our young ladies. We are constantly everyday with every interaction influencing the image our children see ofwife/mother/friend/sister/employee. Let us take care of our own soul and strength so that we can better cultivate it in our children. This book is a must read!

5. Spend some time with yourself and really get clear on what is important to you and what it is you value. Having a firm understanding of that which is important to you will naturally radiate strength and confidence. Let us celebrate International Day of the Girl in unity with respect, admiration and pride in the "girl" we are, the "girl" we are becoming, and the "girl" we are raising.

To strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them! 

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