Each letter of SARRA K is the first initial of each member of my little/big family: Suzanne, Azari, Riley, Reese, Azeem Khan.

My family is my heart and soul and at the center of EVERYTHING I do.

SARRA K is designed  especially for women. To help Millennial women, particularly mothers, prevent or overcome burnout.

I've been there: New baby, new responsibility, growing career, maintaining home, loving wife, attentive mother. We ask SO much of ourselves as it is in our nature to nurture. But sometimes the cost of that is extensive and detrimental to ourselves, our relationships, and ultimately our quality of life.

 Here's how I can help: I am a Minimalist at heart. Not the prescribed amount of items, limited wardrobe, prescriptive type; the functional, realistic Minimalist. By paring back my belongings and applying principles of quality over quantity to everything in my life from wardrobe, food, mindset, relationships, fitness, I have transformed and regained control of my time and my life.

Contrary to what society glorifies, I believe true happiness and harmony is found in simplification and as such constantly pursuing simplification and mindfulness in my life and promoting it in the lives of others.

I came from a life of unintentional excess so this is no easy feat and I still work at it every single day. Sometimes I fall short, but I truly believe in the undeniable benefits that this new focus provides: more time doing what I love most, a quality life aligned with my values and a clearer mind to do it all with!

It is my goal to support you, my fellow female, to simplify life, TRULY LIVE in the moment in both health and happiness.

xo— Sue, SARRA K